Poseidon Med II @ Insularity & Blue Economy conference
27 May 2017

Poseidon Med II was presented at "Insularity & Blue Economy" conference ( Νησιωτικότητα και Γαλάζια Οικονομία) at the University of Piraeus on May 27, 2017, a conference focused on the Blue Economy and Interconnection of Greek Islands.

Maria Theodoridou speaking on behalf of DEPA, presented the small scale LNG infrastructure that is being designed within Poseidon Med II and stressed that a well functioned supply chain may improve access to remote island regions of Greece, enhancing connectivity and consequently the economy of those islands through development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Transport infrastructure is often the decisive factor for the location of regional investment, tourism development and cost-effective transportation of goods and people.

sailling on the LNG era

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